What is IUU fishing?

IUU fishing includes three principal types of activity:

  1. Illegal fishing, where vessels operate in violation of fisheries laws or regulations;
  2. Unreported fishing, which has not been reported or has been misreported to the relevant national authority or RFMO, in contravention of applicable laws, regulations or reporting procedures;
  3. Unregulated fishing by vessels without nationality; fishing by vessels flying the flag of a country not party to the RFMO governing that fishing area or species; or fishing of unmanaged stocks or in unmanaged areas in a manner that is inconsistent with state responsibilities under international law.

IUU fishing is an unsustainable practice that makes it impossible to effectively manage fisheries. It respects neither national boundaries nor international attempts to manage high-seas resources, putting unsustainable pressure on fish stocks, marine wildlife and habitats. It can also subvert labour standards and distort markets.

Please check IUUwatch.eu for documentation, news stories and facts and figures related to the EU's IUU Regulation.